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Free Home Based Business Marketing For Beginners

Free Home Based Business Marketing For Beginners

The idea that all good things have a price tag firmly attached to them is a fallacy that has discouraged many a small business entrepreneur from taking that vital first step to financial independence with the help of a home base business. Granted, if you did have the funds to launch an all out marketing campaign complete with infomercials and other chicanery, you might have a chance to make a lot of money very quickly. On the other hand, free home based business marketing is easier and much more available a commodity than you might think!

Take for example the power of the written word. There are so many websites available where writing hobbyists can post their articles for free. Savvy marketers know of these sites and will post full page advertisements that are written in the guise of an article. It is perfectly legal and ethical, and as long as you offer relevant content as well as information about your business, you are doing exactly what these stipulate. If the content you create is not only relevant but also attractively written, the odds are good that it will get passed on from person to person, thus creating a form of word of mouth advertising – once again, it will be free for you!

If full fledged article writing is a bit too much to take in at first, why not consider blogging? Free home based business marketing can be done in blog form as well as in article form. Blogs are great ways to write little blurbs or full length opinions into which you can incorporate your business, its background, its benefits, and so forth. Do not be bashful but instead take the opportunities available to you to introduce yourself to your readers and to web surfers in general in an effort to turn casual readers into potential business leads.

Another great way of generating qualified leads for your business is the creation of a website dedicated to your product or service; populate it with significant content. Make sure that the articles and posts are keyword rich, content specific, and search engine optimized. In many cases you can learn how to write such articles for free online. Website space is also frequently already included in your ISP package. Then you should create a newsletter that contains helpful information, perhaps some games, giveaways, and of course ads for your business. By permitting visitors to your site to opt into an email group to receive the newsletter, you are now on your way to some successful email marketing.

Of course, if writing by itself has you worried you might want to consider the use of an affiliate program. While it is true that you will need to pay the affiliate marketers once they send you qualified leads or once these leads make a purchase, it is important to note that you only need to pay for performance, and then the payment will come from the profit standpoint rather than an upfront payment for future services to be rendered. This has the advantage of garnering you a potentially large group of affiliates working on your business’ behalf even when you are offline.

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Making Money with Articles: Using the Yahoo Search Marketing Tools to Retrieve Free Keywords

Making Money with Articles: Using the Yahoo Search Marketing Tools to Retrieve Free Keywords

When making money with articles, you need to find the perfect keywords to make your niche sites a success. However, many times it is expensive to utilize paid keyword search tools. For this reason, some new marketers may prefer to try and find their keywords for free. One of the best ways to do this is to use the free Yahoo Search Marketing tools that you can find on their website.

First, go to the Yahoo website and choose Search Marketing under Yahoo Advertising Solutions. Scroll down to and click on Sponsored Search. You will see a section that says “How many searches can your business get?” where you will type in the main keyword of your decided niche. This will bring up a list a of words that have your niche subject in them and tell you how many people searched for that particular word the previous month.

To get an idea of what the competition is like, take each word that had a substantial amount of searches and input it into the Yahoo search engine using parenthesis. This will give you a good idea of how many people search for a particular keyword and how many sites you will be in competition with for the top spots on the first two pages.

This will of course take a lot more time than a paid software program and it may not give you all of the great ideas that a program might. On the other hand, it will be free and give you extra funds for other parts of your website.

If you can do this for free on your own, search engine optimize your site on your own, and write your own content, then the only thing you will have to spend money on is a website URL and web hosting. This is a great idea for those who have little to no start up cash, a lot of time on their hands, are quick learners, and can wait for the profits to start coming in (which will pretty much be pure profit).

However, if you prefer to go the easy route and utilize a keyword generating software program, you can find many online. Some are more popular than others and have been a proven way for people to dig up valuable keywords for their niche sites.

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Free Time Management Software

Free Time Management Software

Today, there is a wonderful opportunity to get your business or personal life in order using free time management software. Searching the Internet today yields several different varieties of free time management software. Using free time management software you can schedule important events, manage key projects, and alert yourself through reminder messages when deadlines are coming up for completing tasks. It is a good idea to use some type of tool or process for managing time, and using free time management software can be an easy and convenient way to balance your priorities.

Free Time Management Software And Your Phone

There may be free time management software available for your cellular phone. By downloading and making use of this, you can bring your daily tasks with you no matter where you go. You benefit from this be being reminded of your remaining tasks for the day and having the ability to add new tasks to your schedule as you move about – no more forgetting update your calendar when you get back to your office. Portable tools such a cell phones with free time management software will help you keep on task all day long and will result in higher productivity.

Other benefits of free time management software are the ability to identify scheduling conflicts, and helping to organize and prioritize tasks when you see that there are too many items to be completed in a single day. Free time management software can also help to identify parts of your day where time may be wasted, showing time that could have been used for goal-centered activities, but was not. Future similar times can be filled with planned tasks that could not be accomplished before, perhaps freeing night-time up that was being used for playing catch-up so you can spend it as you see fit – slowing down to watch a sunset, or getting up to watch the sunrise can be done without feeling guilty for wasting time because everything else is taken care of.

Things To Remember When Selecting Free Time Management Software

Today, you can find almost anything available for free on the Internet. Free Time Management Software is available in the form of online-base tools. Many of these tools offer persuasive benefits, but you should be aware that web-based services could sometime become temporarily or permanently unavailable. This could result in partial or total loss of your valuable information. If you plan on using an online form of free time management software, you should take care to keep a backup of you information to protect yourself.

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Use Adwords For Free? A Review Of Get Google Ads Free By Dr. Jon Cohen

Use Adwords For Free? A Review Of Get Google Ads Free By Dr. Jon Cohen

The most difficult thing about having a web business is getting traffic to your site. So many products out there hold the claim that they are an easy sell. That may be true but if you have no one to buy it, you’re back to square one. And of course there’s the internet buzz term out there: “the money is in the list.” That, also, is very true. With a loyal list of targeted customers, you can promote your product to an already hungry audience that will most likely buy from you because you have earned their trust. But once again, if you have no traffic, you have no chance of getting leads that can grow your “list.” Even if you have the best newsletter, the best free products and a killer website, without traffic, you do not exist.

Many gurus show ways of increasing your traffic through article marketing, social networking, blogging, search engine optimization and dozens of other techniques. While these are good strategies for long term traffic building, most get into an internet business because of the opportunity to make a profit quickly. Let’s face it: most of us know that establishing anything worthwhile is going to take time. But the endless testimonials attached to products about how some “newbie” made five thousand dollars in their first month can transform even the most sensible being into an irrational fortune seeker. While many of the previously mentioned traffic generation techniques cost little to nothing to implement, they do take time. And it can be difficult to do the work necessary to build your business when it can take months before you have something to show for that work. So what else can a marketer do? They can buy advertising, of course!

As there are many free ways to increase your traffic, there are as many if not more ways to pay for traffic? So which is the easiest and most effective? In my opinion, that would be AdWords by Google. AdWords is probably the most comprehensive and user friendly advertising system that you will find. It has keyword generators, the ability to test and track ads and ways to further pinpoint your targeted market. The drawback? It’s quite easy to lose your shirt advertising with AdWords. This causes many internet marketers to look elsewhere for advertising. But AdWords works, and by not utilizing this tool, many marketers are shooting themselves in the foot and are spending money of other types of paid advertising that doesn’t deliver the same type of return on their investment as AdWords would.

Fortunately, I’ve found a system that allows you to take full advantage of AdWords like the “big boys” do, but without the risk. It’s called Get Google Ads Free and is written by Dr. Jon Cohen. His program takes a technique routinely used by offline marketers and adapts it to online use in order to take advantage of the precise target marketing ability of AdWords. In his 124 page book, Dr. Cohen shows the reader how he came up with the idea, how to best integrate it into your current marketing efforts and how to best position your efforts so that you don’t spend a dime out of pocket on your AdWords campaigns.

He also explains his method for generating mulitple income streams without having a product or service of your own. He compares the revenue your site could earn with his method as compared to AdSense. Dr. Cohen also gives links to other sites to get you started using his method, most of which are free to use. Also included are tips on how to pick the best keywords and ads (the information given in this section may surprise you) and a free service to get your free AdWords campaign started. The information is constantly being updated so not only do you have access to his free newsletter but access to updates and (my favorite) a “quick-start” guide.

The only drawback, in my opinion, is that while on the sales page it implies that a beginner could succeed with this program, it is helpful if you know the basics of uploading and creating web pages. But even this is covered, briefly, in the Get Google Ads Free program. there are links to website and web page tutorials and a free website creation tool Don’t let the hype of the sales page blind you though; it is a great program that is concise and powerful.

Dr. Cohen’s Get Google Ads Free solves the problem of getting targeted traffic to your site by putting together one of the most revolutionary advertising techniques that is on the internet today. So much time, energy and money is spent on advertising that could be spent on improving the quality of products and websites. But the Get Google Ads Free program levels the playing field for all internet marketers. More importantly, it takes the sting out of using AdWords. I believe this proven system will change the way advertising is done on the internet. The techniques included in this program has helped thousands realize their online business goals. Will you be next?

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Learn how to make millions online at the expense of an internet millionaire for free

Learn how to make millions online at the expense of an internet millionaire for free

Dear Friend,

We all heard the principle it is better to give than it is to receive, but how many people do you see faithfully practicing what they preach day in day out, week to week, month to month, year to year. Well I stumbled across an e-book written by an up and coming principle based internet millionaire who has been reaping the profits and lying low. For what ever reason he has decided to spill his guts and reveal the secrets he has paid for with money, time, blood, sweat and tears for free. My first thought was, “who the heck is this guy and what planet is he from”; to give away the same information that has made him and his family millions and not ask for one dime in return. There has to be a catch, I know Internet Marketing GURUS who charge thousand of dollars for this information.

Well I was right, there was a catch, and here it is he wanted to help people and give them the same freedoms he has day in day out. By providing the opportunity to pick his mind
like a brain surgeon, and learn everything one needs to know to immediately start making profits online. It was revealed in the e-book that all this guy was doing was following a universal law that was best described by Zig Ziglar “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want”. It hit me like a ton of bricks and it all made since as I read on and realized the immense value this was providing by changing people lives for the better and providing them with much more than what’s expected. We all heard the saying nothing in life is free and you can’t get something for nothing, but here I was reading a life changing, mind altering, profit making e-book for FREE!

Needless to say I got much more than I expected from a free e-book, and came to the realization that I needed to give more than what people expected to receive. The more you give and exceed people expectations whether it is customers, co-workers, business partners or family members the more value you provide them with. If you are selling a product or service to a customer and you provide them with ten times 10x the service or quality than what their expectations were, you can count on doing a lot of business with those people. Simply because you exceeded their expectations of what they are used to or what everybody else is doing, you have separated yourself from the competition.

This is just a small sample of the type of valuable information that I received from a free principle based e-book that I stumbled across in my quest to make money online and be totally financially free. Value added products and services naturally compels people who
Were expecting average and received excellence something to look forward to when doing business with you. This one technique in itself is worth its weight in gold and then some.


Sam Bell III

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19 Free eBay Secrets to Success!

19 Free eBay Secrets to Success!

Gaining success through the eBay selling business may not be as complicated as you think. You only have to know where to find free eBay secrets that count. Once you get hold of free eBay secrets, start applying them in order for you to put up a successful eBay selling business.

No need to look high and low for free eBay secrets, we’ve got them compiled here for you. You can use these free eBay secrets to create a booming business on eBay.

Once you decide to become an eBay seller, choose the user ID you will have to use, carefully. Choose a User ID that represents your business or the items you sell. Your User ID automatically becomes your eBay identity to potential buyers.

Look up the “How to Sell” Tour and watch the eBay selling demonstration video. Then learn of free eBay secrets in starting up at the eBay Learning Center.

Get your ID verified by using the ID Verify option when setting up a Seller’s Account. This gives you an ID Verify icon in your feedback profile thereby giving the eBay community more confidence to buy from you. Don’t let this free eBay secret go unheeded.

Make sure to get computer backup disks in order for you to store up valuable data. A free eBay secret of using accounting software will help you know how your business is doing so you can make it more profitable.

Look for a good place where you can put your inventory and shipping materials. It’s a free eBay secret that they need to be in a safe, dry place nearby. Writing a daily To-Do List will help you organize your schedule. It is also the free eBay secret for you to manage your time on normal tasks and follow up on opportunities that aren’t part of them.

Taking eBay’s fees into account may be the free eBay secret you need that’ll guided the pricing of your items.

Find the best category where to list your products under. This free eBay secret is probably known by everyone. From eBay’s home page, click the “Buy” button, and browse the categories to find categories that apply to your items. Another free eBay secret that’s necessary for your products’ success is checking where competing items have been placed. It’s a good idea to choose two categories for your listings to reach more buyers.

Even if you have to pay additional fee, spotlighting your title is a practically free eBay secret that’s guaranteed to grab buyers’ attention when they search for listings.

Hiring a Trading Assistant can free up the time you need to let you focus on the more important aspects of your eBay business.
Constantly monitor My eBay for your listings performance and other activities on the site. Keep track of your eBay correspondence by using My Messages. Surely, this free eBay secret will be a great help.

Attending trade shows is not only a free eBay secret advice it is also a great opportunity where you can get product trends preview and connect with manufacturers and discuss the opportunity of selling their products on eBay. Make sure to bring your business cards and be ready for discussions/

Protect yourself from potential fraud. Be wary for unusual buyer requests and consider it as a fraudulent sign if such requests come to light.

eBay consultants are available for advice and even free eBay secret tip offs. Once you know how to sell on eBay and checked out the eBay Community, your head will be buzzing with new business ideas.

Subscribing Chatter may get you not only feature articles, tips, helpful links and member interviews but maybe also free eBay secrets to success. Signing up for the PowerUp Newsletter can get you advanced notice of upcoming events and promotions. You’ll get to know free listing days, feature discounts, seller sweepstakes and more.

There’s nothing wrong in promoting your eBay store. In fact it is another free eBay secret that you design marketing materials to promote your store.

Once you made a final sale price, donate part of it to a Nonprofit Organization of your choice. Remember that the ultimate free eBay secret to success is passing on the blessings and knowledge you acquire!

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Start Your Business And Make Money Online Free

Start Your Business And Make Money Online Free

As I started to make money online free, one of the things that I have came to realize was that there is way to much hype in this business. I am sure you have notice how so many marketers tell you how you can start making thousands of dollars a week with little or no effort by following there secret system to success. It’s all hype, and so I won’t be one on those internet marketers pushing that line to you.

What I will tell you is that you can make money online free but it will take work on your part. It will also take a little lowering of your expectations. That is why I have named this report “How to make Your First Hundred Dollars Online.” Once you know how to make a hundred dollars it becomes easier to make that second hundred and so on.

In this report I won’t waste a lot of time on fluff. I will get right to the point as to what you need to do in order to accomplish the one thing all internet market want to accomplish and that is getting paid for doing what you do online. So let get started.

Plan Your Steps

If you really want to make money online free you must remember this one thing and that is you must start with research and planning. By starting with a plan you will be able to eliminate many problems you would normally face otherwise.

Take time to determine what things you wish to accomplish. If you expect to make money online free then plan your work and work your plan. Doing it any other way will lead to costly mistakes that could be detrimental to your hopes of ever building a solid online business.

Build Your Business Around Your Interest

The initial step in building a successful online business is to find a niche area where you have interest or passion in. Here’s how you can accomplish this:

1) Brainstorm some of the best niche concepts that you believe will work for you. It’s much easier to build your successful online business if you love what you are doing.

2) If for some reason you can’t find a passion of your own then, create one. Find a niche that interest you and dig into it until it becomes your passion.

3) When all else fails, go for the money. Research to find out what niches are popular and make money. Find out what people want and sell it to them. You will greatly increase your chances of success by doing so. There are a many places where you can go to find out what sells. Start out by doing alittle surfing. Perform some keyword research. You will soon find something to catch your fancy.

Determine Your Target Audience

Once you have determined your niche, it is time explore who your audience is. Your audience may affect the design and content of your web site. Answer the following questions:

1) Who do you expect to visit your web site?

2) How will they find your web site?

3) What are their ages, gender, education, etc.?

4) What is your audience looking for; information, products, services etc.?

5) What do you desire them to do once they reach your web site; request information by signing up for something or, ordering some product or service?

6) What will you use to entice and convince them to stay or revisit your web site?

If you answer these questions and other similar to them your will have taken a critical step in the development of your make money online free business. These question will help you to focus on what important steps you must take to build, maintain and promote your business. In the end they will help you to increase your web site revenue, maximize your marketing spending, improve you web page customer conversions, increase your brand awareness and reinforce your customer loyalty.

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How To Choose Between Free And Paid Web Hosting

How To Choose Between Free And Paid Web Hosting

After you have successfully created your website, the next task for you would be to find the right web hosting company to host your website and make it visible to the internet users. This is no easy task either.

With the growth in the number of online businesses, the number of web hosting providers have also increased. In fact, web hosting has become a business on its own. New web hosting companies keep emerging on the internet every month. Each of these web hosting companies provides web space with different features and tools included. Prices of each web hosting service also vary.

Since the type of website required for each business is different, the tools required for maintaining the website will also be different. Hence, you must choose the web hosting service which provides enough web space at decent prices along with the tools that you require for operating it.

There are two types of web hosting providers –free and paid. Free providers provide you web space at no cost. However, they have the right to post their ads on your webpage. Moreover, the web space obtained from free providers is just enough to host your personal home page and it also may not contain additional tools or support features.

On the other hand, paid web hosting providers give you a lot of additional options. Apart from hardware and software support, they provide tools for you to for tasks like integration with payment gateways, installation of SSL certificates, autoresponders and RSS feeds, etc.

The type of web hosting provider that you choose depends on the type of online business you want to set up. For instance, free web hosting may be sufficient to put your hobby into practice or set up a personal home page for yourself. It does not provide the liberty to run major applications. If it is your intention to do something on a professional basis, you would like to have your own web server for this purpose. In that case, go for a paid web hosting service.

As discussed earlier, free web hosting providers post ads of their liking on your websites, which acts as a distraction to your customers, diverting their attention from the main theme of the website. There are also a number of restrictions put up by these providers regarding web space usage. On the other hand, paid web hosting services offer more storage space with fewer restrictions at decent prices.

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Tips On Hosting Seminars & Free Publicity

Tips On Hosting Seminars & Free Publicity

If you are an expert in your field or possess a certain knowledge that others may be interested in learning, then you may find great success in hosting public seminars. In this scenario, you would be the speaker and anyone attending your seminars would do so in exchange for a fee. A few examples of popular seminars include writing workshops, learning how to make money online, investing strategies and real estate. However, topics are limited only by the imagination of the speaker. If there is information to be learned that could be beneficial to others, chances are good that someone would be interested in attending a workshop on the subject.

Regardless of whether you are speaking about becoming a published writer or you have a proven method of getting rich on the internet, hosting seminars is a terrific career if you like to travel and enjoy speaking in front of a crowd.

The first step to scheduling seminars is to choose a location. In the beginning, a small facility will be sufficient for accommodating listeners and should have ample space for 50-100 people. As for ticket prices, the cost of seminars vary depending on the experience of the speaker and the information provided. A good starting point would be .00 per ticket and, as you gain experience and recognition, you can increase the cost. If at all possible, plan your seminars up to one year in advance in order to allow for promotion and marketing.

When it comes to any business, including one that entails the hosting of seminars and public speaking the single most important factor is advertising. Before anyone can know that your new business exists, they have to hear about it. The best way to announce upcoming seminars is through a press release. Written as a one page news announcement, a press release is distributed to local newspapers, magazines, television and radio stations. In addition to sending a press release, most local radio stations would likely be willing to distribute several promotional tickets to your upcoming seminar as part of a radio giveaway. This will give the radio station some additional free contests to offer listeners and your upcoming seminars a substantial amount of free publicity. In exchange for your granting the radio station several free tickets, they would agree to mention the date, time and location of your seminar.

Whether you are thinking about hosting a seminar as a new full-time career or simply as a way to earn some extra cash on the side, you may find it to be a very rewarding opportunity to share your knowledge with others.

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Who Else Wants Coupons To Go Tanning For Free?

Who Else Wants Coupons To Go Tanning For Free?

Coupons have been around since at least 1894 when Asa Candler, a drugist, passed out slips of paper for a free glass of his brand new drink, Coca-Cola. Today, the enlightened consumer knows the value of using coupons to save money and to enjoy being able to partake of services that may well have been unobtainable absent the coupon. With the growth of the Internet, many now seek their printable coupons from the world wide web.

Savvy Businesses use coupons to attract new customers. Tanning Salon owners are truly people oriented and fully understand the need to keep their customer base pleased with high quality
friendly service and a near hospital standard of sanitation in the salon. They also know they must market their tanning salon to garner new clientele.

The big question for most business owners is: “Where do I get the biggest bang for my marketing buck?”

One means to analyze alternatives to ascertain just where the biggest bang comes from is to cost out the marketing plan for various media. For the coupons to go tanning for free one might look at print media such as newspapers, magazines, billboards, or even at radio and television. For the tanning salon owner, these usually prove cost prohibitive except in some smaller local markets.

Direct mail is certainly an option and can be anything from hand written postcards to exquisite pre-printed cards. E-mail has proven to be a very profitable means to advertise. For the latter two, the list is the key to the success of direct mailing and e-mail. For direct mail, a business owner can develop a list from their local phone book or pay a hefty fee to a list broker for a targeted mailing list or do something in-between.

So that we can use an example, please indulge me this, let us assume that three business owners each have paid for a list, printing, postage and handling for 1000 coupon postcards and each business owner’s total cost came to 0. The first business owner’s mailing list was a cold mailing list meaning a bunch of names and addresses to somebody somewhere. The first business owner received the usual cold-list response rate of about one-half of one percent which resulted in five brand new customers. The second business owner had a bit better list and was able to enjoy the national coupon redemption rate of about three percent resulting in thirty new customers walking in their door to redeem their coupons. The third business owner had a highly targeted mailing list of known local tanners who were looking for a new salon and they enjoyed a response rate of thirteen and two-tenths percent resulting in one-hundred and thirty-two new customers.

Obviously, five new customers is better than none. Thirty new customers is better than five. And, one-hundred and thirty-two new customers is better than thirty. Another way to say this is that the first business received five new customers for a 0 marketing expenditure or paid 6 per customer who walked through their door to redeem their coupon. The second business received thirty new customers for a 0 marketing expenditure or paid .33 per customer who walked through their door to redeem their coupon. The third business received one-hundred and thirty-two new customers for a 0 marketing expenditure or paid .55 per customer who walked through their door to redeem their coupon.

With e-mail one can make the same value argument for e-mail lists as above with one very large additional risk and that is called SPAM. SPAM can result in e-mail restrictions to shutting down an entire website.

In the early 1980′s the tanning industry was a baby. Now it is a fully grown mature industry and the answer to the question of where a salon owner gets the biggest bang for their coupon marketing buck lies somewhere else than in the same identical coupons their competition is handing out. While one may well have a great list, today’s consumer recognizes and receives many coupon offers. In 2000 there were nearly 4.5 billion coupons circulated in the United States alone. Roughly eighty percent of those making between ,000 and ,000 per year use coupons some time and folks with these income levels can afford to tan.

Continuing our example above, to the salon owner, is it worth spending 6 or .33 or even .55 per customer to distribute first time tanner coupons that almost every salon gives away or standard referral coupons or birthday coupons or buy three get one free UV Free airbrush tanning coupons? It occurred to us that salon owners and tanners may be better served by making these tanning industry standard coupons available to everyone for free off a website.

The tanner enjoys the benefit of the coupon to go tanning for free. The salon owner enjoys the benefit of not having to spend hard earned cash to pay for advertising common to most all tanning salons and the website enjoys a few more hits. That is called cooperative advertising. Please visit our website soon so you can enjoy your own coupons to go tanning for free.

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