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What About Film Making And The Internet?

What About Film Making And The Internet?

This is a most exciting time for independent film makers. Now that the internet and digital technology have paired up, we are seeing the old way of Hollywood shifting to the new independent film makers. The emergence of this technology has paved the way to new markets and tools for the film making industry. Most significant is the fact that this development has changed the areas where the independents have had the most difficulty- development, marketing, and distribution.

Studio big-wigs have ignored the internet, treating it as a passing fad or a tool for film promotion. When Time-Warner was taken in by AOL, they understood what the impact would be. The Blair Witch Project brought this point home, the young film makers brought fame to the film with very clever web marketing. Hollywood production, marketing, and distribution has become the old way of film making, and this is causing a good bit of anxiety with the major studios.

Independent film makers who have traditionally been left out and ignored by the film making industry, are now building websites. These sites deal with the traditional ways of film making, but many of them address the problems with financing, marketing, and distribution, and suggest remedies for these problems. Independent film makers are able to directly contact potential investors with scripts and potential story ideas. They are able to pitch their ideas to the investor themselves.

There has also been an insurgence of online festivals, distributors, and resources where an independent film maker can market their film to a worldwide audience and show the product to the interested party directly. This market is available to all, and the forerunners make up the criteria as they go. These new film makers will harness the internet, and be successful in digital film making.

There are several methods and techniques when it comes to digital production. There are innovative trends and studies of up-and-coming independent film makers, online. You are able to learn about script development, marketing, digital distribution, how to enter film festivals, and much more. These topics are available to anyone who is interested in learning the new techniques in film making.

The internet is fast paced and growing steadily. These techniques have been out there for a while now, but as I said they has been ignored by traditional Hollywood for quite some time. These techniques are evolving rapidly and they will be critical tools for the independent film makers who want a successful career in the new revolution of the film making industry.

Of course, before you jump into film making with everything you have, my advice is to become familiar with every
internet concept and tool that can help you produce, development, and market your project. Weigh the possibilities to find the best technique for you, your budget (while it does come with a cost, you will find internet based film making is cheaper), and your artistic abilities.

As far as financing your film making endeavor, you may want to look into film making grants. There are several out there, just do a search on the ever evolving internet.

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Article marketing is all about titles

Article marketing is all about titles

For the many authors who do not yet know how to make article marketing work for their business, they are actually wasting all their time and efforts. A total waste.

Why? Because even though you are producing quality articles, they are not really getting near enough your targeted market.

For those who have been taught about copywriting outside the online world, they would know that the title or headline is one thing that will determine if the content will be successful or not.

In books, for example, the first thing that people see is the title. And people, being critical, have the tendency to judge the whole book just from the title. They will even get to the point where the headline alone will make them buy or not buy that book. This is the same thing with online print ads.

But it is a different case with article marketing. In article marketing, your articles are targeted to audiences that have an interest in them. This is the basic idea behind distributing one online. You have to make sure that your article marketing will be seen consumers and potential consumers alike.

One of the most common misconceptions about articles online is that people will just read them at random just like they do with books or any printed materials they see offline.
So with article marketing, you are assuming that people will just randomly check out your article once they see it posted.

This is wrong. Visitors online do not just chance upon anything on the Internet. They are there in the first place to look for or they need something. When looking for the things they need, they do not just get into the first website they see.

Most of them will probably use the search engines to achieve what they are looking for. Chances are, they will choose one of the more popular search engines and type in the keywords related to the topic they need there. Then the search engines will display the results found.
Your goal now in article marketing is for your articles to be prominent in the search engines.

How do you make this possible?

By using the right title.

The success of your article will be based on the first 3-4 words of your title. It will determine how much traffic your article will get back to your website. This can only be attained when you have created keyword-rich titles that will match the most common keywords related to your content.

To know what are the rich keywords and the right ones that you should use for your articles, it would be best to use a keyword research tool. Some of this software is free but some are not. Try to look for the sites that are offering this software. It will prove to be a valuable tool needed for successful article marketing.

It is vital that you learn and understand how to go about keyword research whether or not you are using a web-based research tool or not.

When choosing a headline or title for your article, try not to include rubbish characters. These are quotes, asterisks or anything that search engines will find difficult to understand. You would not want them to discard your articles totally just because they cannot make any sense out of your title.

Also, do not get into some of the search engine spam technique of giving out keyword-rich titles that are in no way related to your articles. You will just get into big trouble once the search engines have filtered out people doing these things.

If you want to get the most out of your article marketing strategy, you must master keyword research so that you can make keyword rich and clever article titles or headlines.
Your pay off will be huge amounts of traffic to your articles and website thanks to the search engines who love reading titles.

There is really no great secret to having a successful marketing strategy. Once you know some of the important factors that are needed to make it work, there will be no stopping you from getting the customers you want and the search engine position you sought.

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What Every Webmaster Should Know About Search Engine Optimization (2)

What Every Webmaster Should Know About Search Engine Optimization

If you have ever spent a moment’s time looking for something on a search engine of your choice; you have seen the results of powerful search engine optimization. Everything that came up first on that list was placed there through careful marketing techniques. You can learn some of these same techniques by reading through the rest of the article below.

The more places that your content exists on the web with a link back to you the better off you will be in the search rankings. Submit your articles to article submission websites so that other sites can post and use your content. Having links from multiple sites shows that you are a popular source for your chosen keyword contents.

When creating content for your site, make every single word count. This means cutting out the most generic words, as well as eliminating pronouns – especially ‘it’ and ‘that’. If, for example, your site is selling something, your product descriptions should contain only references to the product or brand name instead of pronouns.

Skip the white text on a white background tricks to try to game search engine rankings. All of the top search engines are already onto these tactics and have built punishments into their algorithms. In fact, you need to be extra careful that they don’t THINK you’re doing it! Even if you’re using CSS to set the background, the spider might think it’s actually text which is the same as the background. Be careful!

To rank higher in results from a search engine, include links to exterior websites in your content. Make sure you link to websites that don’t compete against you, and have content relevant to your site. For instance, you can link to an informational article or to a video.

It is important for you to link your site to other sites that are similar in content. If you choose to link your site with other sites that have no similar content it is very possible that the search engine will consider your site to be of poor quality and thus not allow you to rank high on the results page.

A good tip for efficient search engine optimization with regards to META keyword tags is to use the same keywords in your tags as the ones that are in the visible content of your page. You never want to use new or different keywords for your META tags from the keywords on your page.

One of the easiest and yet most important ways to improve your search engine rankings is to provide fresh content. While posting as often as possible is obviously better, being consistent is key. Strive to provide fresh content at least three times a week and build up from there once you have established your consistency.

If you wish to have your company, website, or blog listed among the top leaders when your topic is searched, you are going to need to follow some of these basic outlines. After which, you can expand outwards and twist the marketing campaign. Hence, better suit your audience or niche. All it requires it time and will power.

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What The Experts Aren’t Telling You About Internet Marketing

What The Experts Aren’t Telling You About Internet Marketing

For some people out there, the internet isn’t just the best place to try to start a business. It’s the only place. With millions of people online at every single second of every single day, the simplest idea can become a multi-billion-dollar industry if marketed correctly. Read these marketing tips to help you get there.

When you are becoming interested in internet marketing you have to move away from the idea that it is a get rich quick type of deal. While there are always stories of the people who were successful in this way, for the most part it is a lot of hard work to make a small to medium return.

Having true fans is a great way to succeed in internet marketing, so always put the effort in to make fans out of every visitor to your site. When you give people something to look forward to, your business is able to transcend the simple selling of a product and you become something much more forceful in business.

Play around with words like ‘fast’ and ‘quick’ in your advertising. Today, speed is everything, especially when dealing with products purchased online. Words like ‘fast’ and ‘quick’ set the mindset of your customers that they will receive their product or service in an efficient manner. But be careful and do not go overboard with these terms, as they can easily junk up your marketing and lower the perceived value of your brand.

Try offering your customers free membership to your online club. It’s free, so many customers will jump all over the chance to join since they don’t risk losing any of their money. People also like belonging to something and showing appreciation to businesses that they trust. You can even offer a deluxe membership for a monthly fee for those interested.

Be sure to write catchy, interesting titles for blog posts that are at least seven words long. As most people surf the internet, they see the title first, and sometimes the first sentence of an article. It has to be interesting to hook them in, and make them click on the article.

Create content within your internet marketing messaging that doesn’t simply push facts onto consumers, but rather, gets them to actively contribute. When consumers participate with your brand, for example, responding to a question you pose or participating in a contest, they are more likely to remember your brand when it comes time to make a purchase.

Add as much new content that you can to your site each week. The more new content added, the better chance that you have to be seen as reliable, fresh, and contemporary to visitors. These characteristics will help draw more customers to your site with a positive image of your company.

Now, you wouldn’t want to get your hopes up by thinking that you can be the next web millionaire or billionaire. However, you also don’t want to believe that you can’t be, because you most certainly can! The important thing now is to use these tips to build up your business and market it online. You can look at the future when you get there.

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Learning About How Personal Finance Is Affected (2)

Learning About How Personal Finance Is Affected

Making smart personal finance decisions will ensure that you make the most of your money. Here are some tips to help you earn, save, spend and invest wisely.

Keep track of your finances and save receipts for two months. This will help you determine where your hard earned money goes and where you can start cutting expenses. You will be surprised at what you spend and where you can save money. Use this tool to build a budget.

Never spend any money you haven’t earned if you are currently having financial troubles. That means you need to take all those cards and trash them. This is something that’s harder to do than it is to say. You might think that having a little bit of credit left goes a long way. But stop the bleeding by getting rid of the credit.

Purchasing in bulk is one of the most efficient things that you can do if you want to save a lot of money during the year. Instead of going to the supermarket for certain goods, purchase a Costco card. This will give you the ability to buy different perishables in bulk, which can last for a long time.

Each day, there are companies targeting consumers with poor credit histories with promises that they can clean up a credit report so that consumers may purchase a new car or secure a home mortgage loan. Of course, you must pay a fee for this service. Unfortunately, these companies cannot make good on these promises. The truth is, no one can erase accurate negative data from your credit report. After handing over your money to these unethical companies, you are still left with the same negative credit history.

Make sure you read over your credit card statement very carefully every month. Make sure there aren’t any charges that shouldn’t be on there. It helps if you keep any receipts from purchases where you used your credit card this way you can use those to verify any charges on your account.

If you are currently renting, start saving. Once you have an idea of the monthly mortgage payment you qualify for, save the difference between that amount and your current rent payment. This will get you used to making a larger monthly payment, and any savings can be put towards your down payment for your new home.

If you are having trouble managing all of your bills because they are coming due at the same time, you may be able to rearrange your due-dates to make things easier for you. Contact your credit card company or utility company and ask them if you can change your due-date so you have more time between each bill.

Few things can improve your bottom-line more than making smart personal finance decisions. Use the tips above to help you make wise choices regarding the use of money! The range is wide, from making money to saving it, not to mention knowing how to wisely spend it, good personal finance habits will help carry you through bad times as well as better enjoy the good times!

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By Tom Laios
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EDC Gold is a unique opportunity for you to help others finally achieve success and to realize a lucrative income for yourself in the process. There are 3 price levels (which covers most prospects budgets) and a modestly priced Business to Business package of proprietary website and online presence enhancement applications called PromoBlackBox.

The available products are:
• EDC Gold 7
• Easy Daily Cash 7
• Your New Fortune .95 / mo.
• Promo Black Box 5

EDC Gold use an Australian 2 up system, which may seem like MLM in a way, but after giving up your first two 7 sales to your sponsor, you keep every penny of the successive 7 sales in your bank account. And each of the sales you make owe you their first 2 before they are qualified, and the 4 they sell to and on and on. And when you come in at the EDC Gold level, you’re immediately qualified for the other three products for 100% commission without having to pass up any sales.

This is a pretty good deal. You make100% commission on all of the products. The owners only get .95 per month to host your website and in return they provide you 5 hours of weekly training in a first class Webinar chat room, autoresponders and even offer to do 3 way phone calls with your prospects and you to help you make EDC Gold sales.

What you get for your 7, besides the training is tons and tons of Internet marketing software, eBooks and scripts with full resale rights. The 2 up system is actually very strong motivation to help your down line get their first two EDC Gold sales because YOU are the one getting the 7 from their first two sales! So, essentially each prospect is worth about ,000 to you in revenue. All you have to do is show them how replicate your system to acquire your sales so they can have the same success.

So it’s in your best interest to help others meet with the same success with EDC Gold that you do. Even for someone who is not really a people person, a one thousand dollar payoff, with a potential for another 2 thousand is more than enough motivation to brush up on your people skills.

So if you’re looking for an opportunity to make 7 per sale in stead of or for the same investment in advertising, then you may want to check out EDC Gold and sign up for a free membership account. You will have immediate access to your back office where you can access over 70 hours of audio and video training.

Every question you can have will be answered in the training, but you can always contact your sponsor or the owners of the company. As I mentioned earlier, it’s in their best interest to help you to succeed with EDC Gold. The two owners make themselves available from 9 to 6 EST Monday to Thursday to assist you with your prospects.

Well I tried to answer the most common questions people ask about EDC Gold. In my humble opinion it’s one the few legitimate opportunities on the Internet today. They say that imitation is the greatest flattery – maybe that is why all of a sudden there are a number of other opportunities out there that are copying EDC Gold. But I know that no program out there can match the support, training and tools of EDC Gold!

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The Truth about How to make Website More Attractive

The Truth about How to make Website More Attractive

In the physical world you can easily sell a product by your interacting behavior and your marketing tactics. But in the e-world where there is no face to face interaction and all marketing is totally a game of your site’s interaction with your visitor which may desperate them to turn into your healthy customers. While designing your site you must know who your target people are and what are their needs and will your website turns to be beneficial for them. A website’s form and content is what will determine if a visitor will stay just a visitor or turn into your next customer. Today we will discuss how to accomplish the later.
To succeed at your online business (whether you are selling your own
product/service or are selling for other merchants as an affiliate), you need a
Web site created just for that – a simple, focused site. One that is easy to build, maintenance-free, low cost, credible, and a powerful traffic-builder and
Having the right tool and the right product alone doesn’t insure the success of
your website. There are many factors to be considered while designing a site.
Unfortunately, most of these are easily ignored by Internet business owners.

Build It for Speed
It’s a fact of modern life – people are in a hurry. This means that you have
between 10 and 30 seconds to capture your potential customer’s attention. To
minimize your load time, keep graphics small. Compress them where possible. Use flashy technology (JavaScript, Flash, Streaming Audio/Video, animation) sparingly and only if it is important to your presentation.

Target your Market
Know who your market is and make certain that your site caters to their needs. It is critical that your site reflect the values of your potential customers. Is your market mostly business professionals? If so, the site must be clean and professional. Is your product aimed mostly a teenagers and young adults? Then your site could be more informal and relaxed. The key here is to know your market and build the site to their preferences.

Focus the Site
Make certain your web site is focused on the goal, selling your product or
service. A site offering many unrelated products is not necessarily unfocused, but this is often the case. If your business does offer many products, dedicate a unique page for each instead of trying to sell them all from one page. Selling all products on the same page may annoy your customers and he may never comeback to your site.

Credibility Is Crucial
The most professionally designed site won’t sell if your customers don’t believe in you. A clear privacy statement is one way to build your credibility. Provide a prominent link to your privacy statement from every page on the site as well as from any location that you are asking your visitors for personal information. Provide legitimate contact information on line. Make them sure that their information is not disclose to anybody at any price.

Navigation should be simple
Make site navigation easy and intuitive. Your all pages should reachable within three clicks. Simple and smooth navigation adds to the convenience of the visitors. Add powerful search and catalog features. Many times a lot of visitors do not have the patience to navigate through the whole website to find what they are looking for. A simple navigation may hold your site’s visitor for a long time and may create a chance of some more bucks for you to enjoy your weekend.

Consistency is the key
Make sure the site is consistent in look, feel and design. Nothing is more jarring and disturbing to a customer than feeling as if they have just gone to another site. Keep colors and themes constant throughout the site.

Make your site interactive and personalized
Make your website interactive. Add feedback forms as well as email forms that allow your prospective customers to ask you any questions they might have pertaining to a product. Personalization of your website is another key element that can lead to customer delight and can increase your sales. Personalization technology provides you the analytic tools to facilitate cross-selling and up-selling when the customer is buying online. It would give you an idea of what products to cross-sell and up-sell. For example, when a person buys a CD player, a disc cleaner can also be offered.

Content is King
Good content sells a product. Ask yourself the following questions. Does your
copy convey the message you wish to get across to your visitors? Is it
compelling? Does it lead your visitor through the sales process? Have others
review, critique and edit your copy to insure it is delivering the intended message. Always double check your spelling and grammar. Well its contents that talks with your customers so make it to the point.

These eight, simple rules will go a long way toward the improvement of your
website and most importantly, turn visitors into loyal customers.

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What About Investing In Film Making?

What About Investing In Film Making?

You need to practice caution when thinking of investing in film making. Many people who are quite financially successful, often loose their investment, when putting their money into film making. Investing in film making is exciting and glamourous, but not every film becomes a hit, and a flop can mean a huge loss for you. Never invest in anything, unless you can afford to lose the amount you have invested with minimal damage to your finances.

The winners in the film making business have proven that they are successful, and are already completely financed. These film makers have many years of experience in the film making field. While it is possible to invest in film making and make money, it isn’t very easy. There are several people out there who are waiting to give you poor advice and take your well earned cash.

A few quick tips to set you on the right track:

1. 30% to 40% in equity should be enough to make most films if others will agree with the idea.

2. Keep the budget low, foreign should cover at least 50%, 70% would be even better.

3. Search for a script carefully and take your time, don’t grab the first script that interests you. You need to make sure film makers will agree with the use of the script.

4. You will need to take care of distribution with your own money, distribution is where you can make a good deal of money from your investment.

5. If you invest more million or more, you will be able to buy into more than one film.

6. Never put up more than 50% of the total amount it will take to make the film, the producer should be able to drum up the rest, if they can’t- withdraw now.

7. Do not look at hit movies made by major motion picture studios as a guide. You will be working with independent film makers, and there are big differences.

Do your homework and become knowledgeable about the workings of independent film making. Know the film trends that work and what is popular, and what trends will be expected to last for a year or more. Has the film maker worked in the industry at all, if so to what extent is his expertise?

While investing in film making can be quite lucrative, you should believe in the film project and the ability of the film makers before you invest a dime. Meet with them to see how professional they are and what their goal is when it comes to the film project at hand. How excited are they about the project? Do they seem like the go-getter type that will be able to see the film making project through to completion? Are they opposed to you visiting the set once in a while to quietly see how the film is progressing?

These are all things you should check out before you decide to invest in film making. There may be other issues you will be concerned with, make sure you write them down while they are fresh in your mind and bring them with you to the meeting. There is never a guarantee when it comes to investing in anything, but if you believe in the project and are satisfied with the film makers there is a good chance you will see a profit.

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Here Are Your Answers To Questions About Internet Marketing

Here Are Your Answers To Questions About Internet Marketing

It is important part of your business that your internet marketing is working to bring in customers. To be the best in terms of your Internet marketing methods and bring in the most amount of quality customers, use the tips that are provided in this article to improve upon what you already do.

Buy a link on a highly ranked site. Some websites allow other webmasters to purchase a link on their site, and buying one holds the promise of more hits on your website and more customers as well. Just be careful to investigate the other site first to make sure it is compatible with yours.

If your product is really booming and you want to expand your reach, create a reseller network. Resellers have their own network of contacts and other resources, so they can market your product to customers that you would never encounter on your own. Done correctly, it can also yield more profits per unit effort than selling directly.

One of the things that you can do in order to effectively market your products through the internet is by giving away freebies. Submit your freebies to online directories that would make it easy for other people to know and hear about them. This is one way in which you could go about advertising your products.

When building up an email list for your Internet marketing efforts, you really need to try to avoid preformed mailing lists. And if you do get a mailing list that you didn’t put together yourself through volunteer addresses, you at least need to make sure that you’re targeting a very, very specific market. Once you’re seen as a spammer, it’s all over.

Another good way to get your website out there is to create relationships with other webmasters. You can make deals with other websites, ask them to link your site with theirs, and you can link theirs with yours. It creates a network, and perhaps you can trigger more offers from other webmasters!

One idea that may seem a bit far fetched, is allowing users to have the product now and allowing them to pay for it later. You just have to keep track of all the sales that you allow this way and remember to send out bills to all of these people.

In order to be successful in internet marketing you need to have the support of your consumers. A good way to get their support is by asking them how much they are willing to pay for your product. Cater to what they want and ask them what they think is fair.

One internet marketing strategy that everyone should implement is the use of logos. A eye catching logo will allow your customers to remember your site. This greatly increases the likely hood of return buyers and it also helps with brand messaging. If they like one of your products, a good logo ensures they will be more interested in other products as well.

To wrap it up, it is critical that your Internet marketing is holding its weight in bringing new business in and retaining your current customers. You may wish to try the methods provided here for you and mix them with what you currently do in order to be the best.

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Website traffic boosters you need to know about

Website traffic boosters you need to know about

It is said that there are two factors that are proven to boost your Internet marketing by giving you as urge of website traffic. These three factors are content, targeted traffic and high conversion rate.

Creating quality content for websites can be quite simple. As long as you know the steps to use and how to link them to your site, then this will prove to be a difficult problem for you.

Getting targeted traffic requires a little word. But by using your contents, you will be able to do this easily.

Higher conversion rate will soon follow are you got both content and traffic to your site. Quality content can bring targeted website traffic. And with the targeted traffic comes the high conversion rate for you and your website.

Of all the three factors, you will notice that getting targeted traffic is the one not easily attained.

The bulk of you effort should be with getting pertinent inbound link and publishing your free articles on websites around the Internet.
The quantity of traffic driven by inbound link and article is less than that driven by search engine or directory. However, targeted traffic is easier to be converted. That is why it is better to put more time in getting inbound link and writing articles.

One of the more crucial component of online marketing is to understand your website traffic’s combination. It can tell you what your customers want, what they do at websites they visit and the actions they want done.

If you have a deeper understanding of what you are creating, you will be able to make some good tactical and advertising decisions. This is not only for your website for for your whole business as well.

Along with the three essential factors of website traffic marketing, there are other important factors you should consider.

The most and the least visited pages.

The different pages of websites are made for a reason. But then, you cannot expect them to work in the very same way. There will always be the more popular and the least favorite ones.

The popular ones should give you an idea what to offer more. While the least visited ones should be reviewed and given much emphasis. Figure out what that page is missing and what you can do to change it.


All hits should be recorded once a visitor comes into your site and clicks on an image or text. Using this, you can tell the time spent per visit and if your site have somehow hled their interest.

When you see that you are getting a lot of website traffic but the time spent on your site is not even more than a minute, this is something you should look over. There might be something wrong with your site.

Main entry and exit pages.

These are huge reminders that not all your visitors arrive through your home page, so you need absolute navigation on every entry point to your site.

If people are leaving from pages that you do not want them to, maybe you must have stronger calls to action in those areas.

URL referral.

This should tell you what search engines are giving you traffic. This will also tell which of your marketing and linking strategies are running.

You are also able to tell which sites have links to you that you do not know about. Overall, this is a great way for you to send out appreciation notes to them.

The search for keywords and phrases.

When your site is listed on the search engines, they will tell you what the hot searches are for your type of business. Pay close attention to this because some of what they have to say might surprise you. You already may be popular in the search engines but you do not have any idea that you are.

Knowing about these things will also be relevant for future references.

To be able to maintain the website traffic that you are getting, you have to also maintain the time and work needed on your part. Once you get in the flow of things, you will not find it difficult anymore. All you need is enough knowledge and patience.

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