Q&A: do you feel that answering some questions on guns and related subjects in some way can help terroists?

Question by ♥lois c♥ ☺♥♥♥☺: do you feel that answering some questions on guns and related subjects in some way can help terroists?
i know that alot of the guys in the hunting section are in alot of ways experts in guns and its possible that some crazy person out there could use this forum/section to do really bad things?. just a thought.
NRA member and gun owner.
and yeah i’m a paranoid gun owner…i coulded get out of town in 9/11… i had to go downtown and cover one of our building and smell the buildings burning, i had that miltary building in times square get blown up..just down the block from were i work…so i have a right to be paranoid!!!

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Answer by dca2003311@yahoo.com
NO not really.* I don’t see that as any threat to national security.*

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25 Responses to “Q&A: do you feel that answering some questions on guns and related subjects in some way can help terroists?”

  1. Werner M says:

    I know an AK 47 inside and out. I imagine any terrorist worth his salt knows twice as much as I do about them since it is one of the main tools of their trade. So, to answer your question, no I do not believe that answering questions about gun related topics on here aids or abets terrorists anymore than an issue of Shotgun News or The American Rifleman Magazine does. Please don’t get Yahoo! started. This is the only place that us gun owners have to come on this site and discuss our favorite topic.

  2. kbhiltsley says:

    Are you a paranoid NRA member and gun owner??? Judging by some of the idiotic answers posted on this forum, it could be our best defense against terrorism.

  3. Kurdis P says:

    I don’t thnk the info we are providing here could help anyone like that.

    Most of what is here is basic knowledge available in many places.

    Most of the questions seem to be extremely elementary since firearms are the great unknown for people who are unfamiliar with them.

  4. Mage218 says:

    and how could they do bad things by knowing that a guy on yahoo answers is looking to purchase a new hunting rifle or handgun, or what caliber is better to hunt a deer or pig with.

  5. smiley_face_boxers says:

    No, it will educate us, just in case they (it “they” really exist) come to our shores, and step foot on our land.

    If they realize so many are armed and skilled with them, maybe they will think twice, and stay away.

  6. Steel Rain says:

    No, that is what terrorist training camps are for. Yahoo answers doesn’t give one the knowledge needed to modify weapons and explosives devices.

  7. Miguel says:

    Not really. Normally terrorists use bombs and I am sure we did not give them that idea. Also most of the answers here are pretty basic.

  8. C M says:

    Any information provided here is not a national secret.

    Like… what is hte best sniper rifle… or Best .45 ACP… or how far can a XX bullet go…

    all of this information is availaible in balistics charts… either on-line or in paper form

    Other information such as Carry restrictions are also found on any given state’s attourney general’s website.

    Now… if there was a section on how to build a XXX bomb, or where are the high priority targets going next week… I might agree with you.

    for the most part… no

  9. PeachPie says:

    Any information about guns can easily be found on the internet without any of our assistance. No, I do not feel as though I am aiding terrorists by answering questions about guns.

  10. Conway says:

    NO!! It may show them our resolve at puttin’ them suckers in their place!! Much like eatin’ Grits, shows Class to anyone that sees it!!

  11. vangion says:

    Not at all
    The format here does not really allow for in depth discussion and elaboration on difficult topics
    Most of the info here is fairly generic jr. gunner stuff

    Anything illegal is usually reported quickly and YA CYAs themselves by deleting the content

  12. Pvt. Gabe Swift says:

    depends on what the q’s are if they’re about military rifles or any kind of rifle I stay away from those ’cause I don’t want to be the one to say yeah they’re good enough and here it’s a terrorist.
    gun owner

    hope this helps,
    Pvt. Gabe Swift
    1st Virginia Wyatt’s Batt Comp. H
    Confed. (civil war reenactment)

  13. mongo_safari says:

    The information put forth by regular Americans will keep them at bay. It won’t prevent small attacks but the Muslin Extremists are not an occupation force.

    Charlie Daniels (while I was active duty-Cold War) had a great song about America stumbling but she ain’t never fell….you just go and lay your hands on a Pitsburg Steelers fan and I think your gona find they understand….

  14. rotorhead says:

    Real terrorists get their info and training at facilities in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran and Turkey (to name a few). They not only get extensive training in “guns” (handguns, rifles, machine guns, ) but in explosives as well. All well beyond anything that is found here in YA. No need to worry about us giving out anything that is going to be a threat to national security.

  15. sargeArmy says:

    Any questions such as making a bomb or what military rifle could kill a human at XX yards is usually reported immediately and that person is banned by Yahoo. So I can’t see the problem. There will always be kids and immature adults that ask questions about guns in a “tough guy” manner and generally the regular members quickly put them in their place.

  16. Jonathan . says:

    I don’t think this is an issue. Everything I’ve seen on here has been very basic, and isn’t something you couldn’t find faster with google.

  17. Slider728 says:

    I have rarely seen anything appear on YA that probably couldn’t be found by surfing the web.

    There is a lot scarier stuff than what is in this section available on the internet.

    A website that is hosted by a cable TV channel actually had plans that detailed how to make Ricin, including where to get all the materials from in a fashion that won’t arouse suspicion.

    If a terrorist can get a student visa (or even stay in their own country), you can do a heck of a lot of damage with a handful of chemistry classes. By the time I left high school, I could tell you how to made cyanide gas and TNT out of common household chemicals.

    Not to mention, for a $ 20 bill, you can go to almost any bookstore in America or go to Amazon.com and pick of the Anarchists Cookbook or any one of a couple of books that detail explosive making if someone were truely willing to try it without proper training.

    I think your idea definately has merit. I don’t believe that a terrorist is concerned about what rifle is best for deer hunting, but they may read that answer and learn about what rifles are commonly available in America and might be able to buy on the private market.

  18. CURIOUS GEORGE says:

    Well, not really. Terrorist like other criminals find whatever they need whether it’s guns or information in the criminal underworld.

  19. Francie Pants says:

    Terrorists are pretty hard core in their way of thinking and have a much different agenda and mentality than most of us. YA is a vehicle more for the novice (like me) and for giving and receiving info and suggestions to like-minded people.

    I may be wrong, but it stands to reason that dangerous and illegal content would be deleted by Yahoo Ask/Answers and reported to the powers that be. Cyberspace spies are always on the lookout for….. the bad guys.

    I understand your concern, however, I would imagine terrorists in their recruitment and training methods are much more sophisticated and far reaching than Yahoo Ask.

  20. James J says:

    That’s why I do not answer questions about suppressor construction or altering semi-automatic weapons to full-automatic fire. Neither do I answer “fireworks construction” questions, due to the fact that such information could be used in the construction of actual bombs. Were I to do so, technically I could be considered an accomplice to a crime committed by the asker using the information I gave them.

    I’ve no desire to face a conspiracy charge.

    It is important to note, though that such information is NOT restricted. There are plenty of books avalible about the construction of home-made suppressors, machine gun conversions, and bomb and booby-trap construction. Freedom of the press insures that such publications are avalible legally on the open market.

    If you’ll notice, most of the regular answerers refuse to supply such information in this anonomous forum for the same reasons I stated above.

    General firearms knowlege questions pose little threat of assisting terrorists, though. Which AK47 to buy is not a question that will assist a terrorist. If they have a means of obtaining an AK47 in the US, the brand and country of origin make little difference.

    Same thing with sniper rifle questions. In the hands of the vast majority of individuals a sniper rifle is no more dangerous or effective than a regualar hunting rifle. Actually there is very little difference between the two, aside from finish, barrel weight, and fine-tuning.

    As Americans in the 21′st century, we must all be on the lookout for terrorist threats. Our government is well aware of forums such as this, and applicable agencies regularly monitor them for suspected terrorist askers. I have it on good authority that the BATF and FBI monitor Yahoo Answers.

    If you see a question that you suspect is someone up to no-good, please report them to Yahoo as an “illegal” question” and add in the details box that Yahoo should alert Law Enforcement of the situation.

    While Yahoo Answers seems anonomous, it is not. The government can track down the street address of anyone on here by tracking internet service provider billing records.

  21. grumpy girl says:

    i will just simply say no, it will not help them.

  22. CIH(Ret) says:

    The questions and answers in YA do not contain any information that is not already well known by any terrorists. They will not be looking here for information for their evil deeds.

  23. H says:

    In a manner, Lois. Example: Now and then you’ll have someone ask what can or cannot defeat ballistic vests. We have people here eager to show off their gun smarts by answering that question. Now what does someone who has to resort to Yahoo Q&A for that information need with it? A person legitimately needing that info. would ask the vendor.

    Anyone, including terrorists, can access this forum. Why tell the world what can defeat a ballistic vest worn by our finest just because some bozo on Yahoo wants to know! That is criminal indifference, yet you have fools here that will readily answer that question. Go figure!


  24. Larry says:

    No. I don’t even see how that makes sense. There are better places to go for advice on being a terrorist than a YA board.

  25. PETER J says:

    they can get bigger, better, faster, unheard-of calibers citizens cannot. this is penny anty to them….


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